Energy-Efficient Healthcare

Optimize your healthcare facility’s energy use with eViewIoT Pro. Our intuitive graphing, table views, and real-time alarming data offer valuable insights into your building’s energy consumption. Make data-driven decisions to reduce waste, decrease costs, and minimize your carbon footprint, all while maintaining optimal conditions for patient care.


Automated Systems for Patient Comfort

With eViewIoT Pro, you can automate critical systems, ensuring smooth operation and reduced downtime. Our streamlined interface allows easy management of devices from a single platform. Automate routine tasks, such as temperature and lighting control, to create a comfortable environment for your patients while increasing operational efficiency.

Robust Security for Sensitive Data

Data security is paramount in healthcare. Protect your patients' data with eViewIoT Pro's robust security features, including O-Auth authentication and secure HTTPS communication. Safeguard sensitive information and maintain compliance with healthcare industry standards, giving your healthcare management team peace of mind. Trust in a platform that prioritizes the safety and security of your healthcare facility's data and operations.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

eViewIoT Pro's open architecture, API support, and hardware-agnostic design enable seamless integration with your existing hospital management systems. Avoid costly upgrades or replacements with our compatible and adaptive platform. Our solution can evolve alongside your healthcare facility's needs.

AI-Driven HVAC Optimization

Utilize machine learning algorithms to intelligently control your facility's heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. Leverage the combined power of Engenuity's engineering expertise and Facil.AI's advanced AI capabilities for optimal HVAC performance. Enhance patient comfort while minimizing energy consumption.

Customizable Controls for Unique Healthcare Needs

eViewIoT Pro offers user-createable profiles, allowing you to personalize tags and permissions according to your specific healthcare management needs. Tailor your system to suit the unique requirements of your hospital or clinic, ensuring smooth operation and efficient resource allocation.