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Dedicated to Helping Businesses Become Energy Efficient

At eViewIoT in Chandler, Arizona, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge energy management solutions that optimize facility operations. Count on us to provide you with high-performance systems and excellent customer service support.

Our Brand Promise

It’s not about selling a system; it’s about delivering energy visibility and equipment control. eViewIoT ensures our customers will experience the best out of our energy management solutions. The transparency we create for owners gives them the ability to understand their energy usage like never before, resulting in reduced expenses and improved profitability.

Core Values

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The Story Behind Eview iot

Humble Beginnings

The founders of eViewIoT came from a technology and development company with over two decades of experience in construction and industrial networking, automation, renewables, and energy efficiency. Approximately six years ago, they were approached by a large Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) chain in the world because long operating hours and rapidly increasing energy costs were affecting their profit margins. It needed an affordable solution to monitor, control, and reduce energy consumption.

During that time, traditional building automation systems weren’t very adaptable or economical for the smaller footprint of restaurants, QSRs, and convenience stores. These systems were also typically too expensive, difficult to use, and not very adaptable or expandable to other equipment or user needs. There were off-the-shelf products, but nothing was a direct fit. An innovative solution was required to address these issues, so our founders strove to create one.

Our Start

Our founders partnered with engineering and manufacturing companies worldwide to develop a solution that was affordable and expandable yet easy to use. After years of collaboration and testing, eViewIoT was launched. It became the only cloud-based, integrated hardware and software solution available as a subscription-only service, with no up-front capital requirements or installation services.

Current Status

Today, we are the only company that offers integrated energy management, early equipment diagnostics, and food safety through a temperature monitoring solution. Our eViewIoT platform is used in over 60 brands throughout North America.

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