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Experience Our Proven Cloud-Based Network for Energy Management

Welcome to eViewIoT, your trusted cloud-based IoT platform, revolutionizing operational efficiency for restaurants, convenience stores, and retail outlets alike. Our unique system is designed to be the ultimate solution for your business, taking full advantage of cloud technology and IoT capabilities. We offer an integrated solution for food safety, energy management, and data intelligence that caters to your specific needs. Witness as we efficiently control critical equipment, monitor operations, and record key data points, all while reducing energy, maintenance, and equipment costs.

Overview of the eViewIoT

  • Empowers you to monitor and control critical systems with ease
  • Reduces energy consumption by up to 30% per location and 70% on refrigeration equipment
  • Provides a user-friendly system to receive alarms and alerts via text message, email, or mobile app
  • Offers a secure cloud-based application providing real-time and historical data
  • Enables in-depth analytics and reporting for better decision-making
  • Extends the life of your equipment and reduces emergency repair costs
  • Each system is installed to maximize energy savings based on the operation and environment
  • Enables users to receive alarms and alerts via text message, e-mail, and on your mobile app
  • Offers a secure cloud-based application with real-time and historical data for analytics and reporting
  • Runs early equipment diagnostics to extend equipment life and reduce emergency repair costs

Our Platform’s Innovative Features

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HVAC Control

Harness the power of our platform's wireless programmable thermostats, complete with additional sensors, providing unparalleled control and monitoring for your HVAC system. With eViewIoT, you can easily define room temperatures through a scheduling module and compare target temperatures with compressor run-times. Get a detailed view of fan, compressor, and stage run-times to balance comfort with energy savings. Our solution allows you to create an optimal environment while maximizing energy efficiency.

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Lighting Control

We provide an exclusive lighting control panel, specifically designed to control and monitor up to 12 zones and 96 circuits of your standard lighting setup. The indoor lighting schedule is tailored to match your operating hours and employee work schedules. Plus, with occupancy sensors and optional override capabilities, you have the flexibility to manually override schedules when needed. Even your exterior lighting is smart, using an astronomical clock to follow a dusk/dawn schedule.

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Alarms and Alerts

Stay in the loop with our real-time alerts and alarms, sent directly to your smart device via text or email. Whether you're using the app or logging into eViewIoT, you'll always be informed. We make sure you're the first to know when your refrigeration equipment's temperature rises above the defined limit for 60 minutes, helping minimize food loss and warn of potential equipment failure. Be ahead of the curve with warning alarms for equipment not functioning properly, providing an early indication of maintenance needs.

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Refrigeration Control and Temperature Monitoring

We equip you with a versatile refrigeration controller for walk-ins and freezers, along with wireless sensors for reach-in units, revolutionizing your temperature monitoring capabilities. Get notifications when your coolers maintain a temperature above the defined target for more than 60 minutes. Warning signals are conveniently shown on the dashboard when defrost cycles are not normal. Our products work together to reduce icing and energy consumption while maintaining a steady temperature to ensure the highest food quality.

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Equipment Diagnostics

With eViewIoT, enjoy the convenience of remote visibility and access to historical data for your HVAC and refrigeration equipment. We provide the necessary diagnostics for preventative maintenance, giving you a clear understanding of your equipment's performance. Compare data across your portfolio for run-times, energy consumption, and temperature variation. This vital information empowers you to make better strategic decisions about logistics, repairs, and replacements.

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Remote Access

Enjoy full control at your fingertips with eViewIoT. Monitor, control, and change schedules using our easy-to-use mobile app or by logging into the dashboard via any internet browser. Get instant access to equipment data when an alarm is triggered, without needing to be physically present. Experience true visibility and control of your entire portfolio, all from the comfort of your desk. With eViewIoT, you're never too far from your business operations.

Effective Energy Management

Why Control Your Energy-Consuming Equipment?

Around 45-75% of commercial equipment, such as HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting systems, is controllable. The only proven way to reduce energy consumption is by regulating critical equipment using automation and effective scheduling. But that is not all; the machinery needs to be running efficiently as well.

Energy management isn’t about comparing your year-over-year electric bill. There are too many factors to consider, like weather, customers, equipment maintenance, and operational behavior. Effective energy management reduces consumption by maximizing equipment efficiency, minimizing human interference, and having the data to inspect operations and improve equipment performance.

Remote Equipment Diagnostics

Remote Equipment Diagnostics is a key feature of our eViewIoT platform. We continually focus on diving deep into the data to ensure your equipment is running properly. Meanwhile, we also strive to provide you with the appropriate notifications and research for your team to take action when a repair is necessary.

Why Are Our Services Valuable to Your Business?

We actively work to reduce energy costs, provide real-time equipment diagnostics, and offer temperature monitoring and alerts. Our EMS solution will save you time and money on maintenance. The award-winning eViewIoT platform was designed specifically for restaurants and convenience stores, evolving to provide greater operational benefits than any other energy efficiency product available.

Diagnostics Benefits include:

  • Distinguishing between operating inefficiency and equipment maintenance and repair needs
  • Strategically routing repair trucks or service technicians based on need and urgency, reducing labor time and costs
  • Decreasing routine maintenance costs through data evaluation and performing maintenance when it is needed, instead of on a routine schedule
  • Early identification of repair needs before it damages other motors and parts
Clogged Air Filter chart vs clean

Dirty vs. Clean Air Filter

Clogged Filter: An HVAC unit’s performance before the filters were changed out.

Although the system is running two stages (vertical blue lines) throughout the day and good “splits” are experienced, the room temperature (turquoise line) in the upper graphic never hits the target temperature (black line).

Clean Filter: The condition of the same HVAC unit three days later with new filters.

Room temp (turquoise) is now able to reach target temperature (black) consistently while also running approximately 50% less. The vertical blue lines have been reduced from 21 hours to 11 hours over the same length of time. Some kitchen staffers also shared that their tickets were blowing around due to airflow much more than they had seen in the past.

Faulty Compressor

Notice the difference between the two sides of the image before and after repairs have been made. When a cooler is running properly, the coil temperature reaches the target temperature consistently.

Functional cooler data chart

Ice Buildup

When a cooler’s room temperature ranges from 40-50˚ consistently, a continual ice build-up will occur if the door was left open. After this is corrected, you will see three spikes to 40˚ in the blue coil temperature. This means the unit was in the proper defrost mode. You will also see the coil temperature will be well below the room temperature and consistently staying between 33-35 ˚.

Coil Temp chart
An app open on a tablet and phone

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

eViewIoT’s state-of-the-art temperature monitoring equipment paired with our cloud-based software ensures the integrity of your food is of exceptional quality for an excellent customer experience. It stores and reports temperatures for custom reporting when you need it and when it matters. Having accurate, reliable temperature records that are accessible in real-time and retrospectively is important.

A Breakdown of Our System Solutions

Wireless Temperature Sensors

  • Measures temperatures in reach-in and service area equipment
  • Small, unintrusive wireless sensors are used in salad bars, chef bases, side-by-side refrigeration, prep tables, etc.
  • Boasting an accuracy of ±0.5 °F and a measuring range of -30°F to +130°F
  • Alerts managers when the equipment is over or under specified temperature
  • Sends data to the cloud automatically
  • Automates and optimizes your ability to achieve food safety

Walk-In Refrigeration Control and Monitoring

  • Continually monitors the state of the walk-in refrigeration equipment
  • Monitors temperature and sends data to the cloud
  • Notifies managers when the cooler is not working properly
  • Reduces defrost cycles up to 70%
  • Provides 15-50% more energy saving
  • Eliminates excessive temperature swings and ice formation on floors and ceilings
  • Sensors learn and monitor the environment to ensure that each experience is personalized to fit your equipment’s needs

Standard Temperature-Based Reports

  • Review of all critical building systems
  • Help provide visibility into areas of opportunity
  • Identify what equipment needs to be replaced based on data trends
  • Generate a summary of alarms by location
  • Provide actionable data to improve overall efficiency and profitability
  • Identify staff “human behavior” trends and their impact on equipment and energy consumption

Why Use Our eViewIoT

Our platform’s food safety sensors provide more than just operational excellence and efficiency; they give you the peace of mind that you’ve been waiting for!

Elevates Food Safety

  • Alerts and alarms for equipment failure
  • Managing and monitoring of food temperature and notification of out-of-range temperatures
  • Historical reporting for coolers and probes readily available
  • Dependable data

Provides Refrigeration Visibility

  • Multiple sensors monitor and record temperatures automatically
  • Alarms and alerts are sent immediately via text and email when coolers are out-of-range
  • Historical reporting for probe and coolers readily available
  • Reliable data

Easy-To-Use Web Page and Free Mobile App

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