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Achieve Peace of Mind With Energy-Efficient Store Operations

Because convenience stores operate 24/7 all year round, their refrigeration, lighting, and HVAC can account for as much as 80% of the electric bill. Having an effective energy management solution like eViewIoT’s platform can make a big impact on your bottom line while also improving operational efficiency, reducing operating expenses, and increasing cash flow immediately. Our innovative system is the result of 14 years of experience in helping businesses reduce their energy footprint.

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Decrease Energy Consumption

Refrigeration equipment in convenience stores can account for up to 55% of their electric costs. With our eViewIoT platform and adaptive refrigeration controller, we can help you reduce unnecessary refrigeration defrost cycles by up to 70%.

Additionally, programmed set-points with time-based overrides allow equipment to be stair-stepped by zones, enabling further energy efficiency. Convenience stores can achieve 10-30% savings on energy costs by combining refrigeration savings with controlling the HVAC and using astronomical lighting schedules.

Reduce Equipment Costs and Enhance System Performance

Margins are everything for convenience stores and can be greatly affected by machine repair costs. Our platform helps optimize machinery performance and provides visibility and data to extend instrument life. Previous conducted in-field reports have confirmed that our system can reduce overall maintenance expenses by 20%.

Our system ensures that the equipment only operates when needed and sends alerts for HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting as defined by the user. An early equipment diagnostics feature also reduces emergency repairs.

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Temperature Monitoring

Since a large part of your business is food service, ensuring your perishable supplies are well-kept is crucial. The eViewIoT platform offers temperature monitoring for walk‑in coolers, freezers, and reach‑in units. Real-time alerts are also provided via text message and email.

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