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Attain Optimal Facility Operational Efficiency for Your Shop

We at eViewIoT understand the complexities of running retail stores with long operational hours and significant energy needs. It requires straightforward and scalable automation and efficiency solutions. That’s why we’ve crafted a retail platform that can automate, monitor, and control your existing HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting equipment. You can access this dynamic system through a web browser or a mobile app, making equipment and energy efficiency just a tap away. No matter how big or small your operation, we’re here to simplify energy management for you.

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About the System’s Predictive Equipment Maintenance Feature

It’s easy to overlook certain things like your thermostats not hitting the desired room temperature, unless the room gets excessively hot or cold. Similarly, you might not realize if your equipment is operating for 10 or 12 hours a day when it doesn’t have to. That’s where our groundbreaking platform comes in, recording and monitoring such crucial equipment data.

Our system comes with a handy remote diagnostics function that not only saves you money and time but also helps make smarter, more efficient maintenance and repair decisions.

eViewIoT presents users with easy-to-understand information about how long their equipment is running. This allows for quick assessments of its performance, maintenance needs, and energy usage. For instance, detailed graphs help visualize trends or operational patterns causing unnecessary runtime and strain on the equipment. Plus, our alert system with alarms and warning notices keeps you informed about urgent equipment issues.

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Long-Term Benefits

Reduced Energy Consumption

Spend less money on your electric bill even when your store operates long hours. The eViewIoT program doesn’t just monitor your energy consumption; it automates and controls your critical equipment to reduce energy consumption. Astronomical lighting schedules help ensure your parking lot is secure and that the lights are not left turned on during daylight hours. Heating and cooling schedules are also set for store hours, with limited override capability to ensure comfort for guests while maximizing efficiency.

Another key component to reducing energy consumption is equipment efficiency. With our system, machine run-time data and overall performance give users insights into its costly inefficiencies and excess energy usage. You can typically see a 10-30% decrease in overall energy consumption after eViewIoT has been installed.

Lower Operating Costs

We’re here to fully understand your business and keep a close watch on your equipment. Our goal is to proactively help cut down on energy use and pinpoint opportunities for enhancing efficiency. Our friendly customer success partners, available around the clock, work hand-in-hand with your facilities and management teams. They’ll keep you updated with crucial operational performance and equipment information on a regular basis.

Increased Profitability

The operational advantages of our system help business owners handle rising wages and other essential expenses. It lets you and your team pour your attention into your customers, while our platform takes care of trimming down your operating costs over time. Plus, eViewIoT comes with no initial capital expenses.

Quote for Your Shop’s EMS Requirements

For integrated energy-saving management solutions, feel free to contact us today. You can also inquire about how much EMS tools for your retail store will cost.