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An Integrated Energy-Saving System for Food Establishments

With the long hours, heavy energy needs, and rising costs your restaurant experiences, it’s essential to have reliable, scalable, and user-friendly solutions for equipment maintenance and temperature monitoring. That’s where eViewIoT comes in! Our platform fits the bill and offers even more. With our Energy Management System (EMS), improving operational efficiency is as easy as a simple click.

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What eViewIoT Can Do

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Automates and controls critical HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting equipment

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Records temperatures

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Provides remote access and data for preventative equipment diagnostics and run-time analysis

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Reduce energy consumption

Optimize Temperature Monitoring

Keeping a close eye on food storage and temperatures is crucial in your line of work. eViewIoT can help you not only gather and store data but also enhance your processes and establish accountability. Standing out from many energy management systems, eViewIoT provides automated temperature monitoring for walk-in coolers, freezers, and reach-in units. Plus, you’ll receive real-time alerts through text messages and emails.

Enhance Customer Comfort

Restaurants invest a substantial amount in HVAC and lighting to ensure a cozy atmosphere for customers. Our system offers pre-set points and time-based overrides, creating the perfect ambiance across your dining area and other operational spaces, all while maximizing energy efficiency.

If a customer feels too warm or chilly, you can adjust the temperature. After the override interval, the system will go back to the original temperature. This function effectively cuts costs and equipment runtime, while still ensuring steady comfort levels in both dining and kitchen areas.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our eViewIoT platform diligently oversees and manages your essential refrigeration and HVAC equipment. If your refrigeration gear exceeds the set temperature or if your HVAC machinery is in a critical state, you’ll receive immediate alerts via text message or email. This level of visibility and information helps extend your equipment’s lifespan by offering you data and rapid analysis tools to decide if maintenance needs are cutting down equipment runtime.

Field reports validate that our system is reducing overall maintenance expenses by a significant 20%. Come and explore the benefits of our remote equipment diagnostics.

Increase Profitability

We’re committed to reducing your critical equipment’s energy consumption by a significant 10-30% by fully understanding your business and keeping tabs on your equipment. Our eViewIoT platform curbs unneeded refrigeration run-times and efficiently handles HVAC and lighting schedules to maximize comfort and cut down on energy use.

This energy management solution is unique in the market. It provides active temperature monitoring with alerts, advanced equipment diagnostics, and tangible comfort levels. The operational benefits it offers help business owners manage other important expenses, like rising wages, all without any upfront capital expenditure! The system often pays for itself.

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