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Quick Serve National Chicken Restaurant Realizes Energy Saving With chameleonĀ® energy management system (ROI in 18 months revealed).


We can all agree that energy costs will continue to rise; this puts a significant amount of pressure on the restaurant industry. We can combat the rising cost with an energy management system that controls the largest energy draws in your restaurant; HVAC, lighting and walk-in coolers and freezers. The savings achieved from controlling these energy wasters goes straight to the bottom line.

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With energy costs continuing to rise, our customer finds it increasingly difficult to operate a profitable restaurant. By taking control of his restaurants HVAC, lighting and walk-ins they are able to reduce expenses and increase profits in this low margin food industry.


Our customer selected the chameleon energy management system to take control of their energy usage. Offering control of lighting, HVAC and walk-in coolers and freezers they saw potential to realize a quick return on their investment. It also gives the customer visibility from anywhere that has an internet connection.

Product overview (best in class)

  • LonWorks open platform
  • Honeywell- communicating programmable thermostats
  • Three phase meter- monetizes energy consumption, populating the dashboard
  • Communicating I/O devices for lighting and load control
  • Adaptable refrigeration control- allows each controller to adapt to its own environmental dynamics
  • Chameleon software was developed specifically for the quick service restaurant industry (alarms, alerts, features, and ease of use)


After installing the chameleon energy management system customer recorded savings of 15% on HVAC, lighting and refriger-ation expenses. Customer complaints about the dining rooms being too cold have also been greatly reduced. Based on initial calculations the ROI for this system may result in 18 months or less. Most chameleon energy management systems project a 24 month ROI or better.

  • Equipment Controlled:
    HVAC, Lighting and Refrigeration
  • Energy Savings: 15%
  • Cost of System:Ā $11,055
  • ROI: ~18 months